Undetectable Prop-money

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We are the world number one solution when it comes to the processing and production of prop money. Our props are printed on quality printing paper and feels like real currency. Our prop money is meant to be used wherever. All of our prop money is made by paper material which is in premium quality. The hologram on our prop bills work almost perfectly. We could remove our logo/emblem on our bills on special orders. We are not responsible for any further situation a client is faced with after purchasing our prop money and uses according to his/her preference. Contact us with the details of the type of bills and currency you want!


“FULL PRINT STACK” package comes with  total Undetectable Counterfeit Bills. Textures, colors, and designs are highly detailed, printed with the highest resolution, have the highest quality and proven to be the best in the market and the most realistic to use in real life as it pass UV light test. Undetectable Counterfeit Bills can also be deposited at the ATM. All standard orders are shipped within 1 – 3 business days not including weekends and Holidays as our facility is closed these days. 

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Standard orders are shipped via USPS, DHL & FedEx which normally takes 2 – 5 business days for delivery after the order is shipped. Note, the fake bill won’t pass checking in any high-tech security check. If you need to use money bills for any legal/illegal purposes, then you could always count on us!

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