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Getting a passport can Sometimes be difficult as you may not meet up to the expectaions or Requirements. With us you don't need any of that. We make passports for all Countries From Europe to US to ASIA to Australia to Africa and North America. We provide you with Passports of almost all the nations withing this Continents. Our passports are all Scannable and can be Authenticated by any airport Security. Buy Passports online with us to achieve traveling Freedom where ever you want to go to.

Buy Fake ID and Buy Documents online

Driver's License

We offer one of the best and the only premium services online which consist on making your new Drivers license and ID for a whole new Identity. We serve the public/ World. Our Documents are all topnotch. We use the best machines and Staff to produce the perfect and only genuine replica documents which you may be having difficulty in making.
We issue Fake ID's As Well as Genuine and Original ones which are all embedded in to the database system of DMV and other required servers. Buying Your Drivers License with us is very easy, Simple and affordable. With us you can become a national of any country.

Buy TOEFL/IELTS online


We help you in achieving this certifications in just a few days. This can be a hassle for most people in writing this exams and not making it through. with us you don't need to write any exams to get your TEOFL/IELT'S certifications.

Getting Visas Fast

VIsa Processing

Getting Visas These days can be difficult with the new restricttions placed on immigration by certain countries, we are ready to help you achieve your visa to your desired European Countries and USA/CANADA. We follow up the Visa process for you till it is issued. We have people in Immigration offices that we work with and also people in office and Congress, With all this we are 100% sure your visa will be issued withing the a month. Traveling has been made easy with us.

Erasing your criminal records

Erasing of Criminal Records

Being an Ex convict is difficult very difficult as you are restricted by the state in doing certain things and also people look at you like a Degenerate. We have come to help clear all that which you have done in the past and give you a chance to start a new life with new information if you require that and also clear all your past misdeeds. Every body deserves a second chance and that's what we are here to offer. contact us and we will be you path to a new life

Buy FAKE ID online/ Buy Documents online

ID cards

If you are having ID cards issues in getting into some places you really want to get into or facing difficulties making one. We have come to help you in getting that with just a blink of an eye. We help with the making of genuine ID's and also if you want just a Fake ID we also help you in getting that. Our ID's are all scan-able, with Holograms embedded into those which requires them and also information chips are embedded to those who require them and information placed within them for authentication.

The making of Bank Statements

Bank Statements

We know getting Bank statements can sometimes Be a Hassle. Its one of the reasons that pushed us to form this company. We help with making of bank statements with any bank around the Globe and of any amount. We also help edit and rearrange your monthly statements.

Getting a college degree of your choice is what we are here for, we will issues you a legal and authenticated degree with which you can use in any part of the world and for any purpose. It comes with what ever you desire, A calculated GPA, your desired choice of topics from BSC, MBA, PHD and all other diplomas. We take our time to construct the exact replica of the certificates and also give our hackers the green light to input it into the school Database systems for verification. 

Getting a birth certificates for your child is very important as it defines where that child is suppose to belong. If you have lost your child Certificate and you are having problems getting a new one, You have nothing to worry about.  We are here to help you get a new birth certificates for your child and your self if you both need it. At a very cheap and affordable cost. Our certificates are the best in this business. try us and be satisfied to the fullest. 

We are the world number one solution when it comes to the processing and production of documents online like passports, id cards, green cards, visas, resident permits, IELTS, GMAT and many other documents for the whole world. We advise anybody who needs any type of documents to search no more once you find us. We are the best and unique producers of any kind of documents in the world

Buy real valid and registered Social Security number (SSN) with good credits online. We process and produce real Social Security number (SSN) that all our clients can use both U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents. This SSN will be issued directly by the government from Social Security Administration. All our clients have work and succeeded with this SSN without any problems.

We process and produce undetectable prop-money, counterfeits, and identical real copies of major currencies. Our copies could pass minor security checks. Our copies could be used for any form of sampling, music, acting, or even making insecure deals. You can always count on us when it comes to getting identical money samples.

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